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Feb. 14th, 2013 | 10:58 pm

Am I making this post on LJ instead of tumblr just because my journal is so dead lately? What? Madness! Except yeah, I totally am.

So I spent last Valentine's watching Voyager's "Blood Fever" and this year I watched Roswell's "Heatwave." Maybe next year I'll watch a steamy episode devoid of aliens.

Speaking of Roswell, I'm rewatching it and it never fails to get to me. I love seeing the destined-to-be-together Max and Liz, and watching Maria and Michael fall for each other, and part of me cries every time Alex is on screen. My biggest problem though? Eventually all my Roswell thoughts come around to that episode where future!Max shows up. I will never get over that image of Liz dancing alone on her roof. But I am hoping that watching the whole series through in order in a short amount of time will help get me past that image to the church. Of course then I think about her dad sitting at the counter with the journal....

I'm also rewatching Gargoyles, which is basically one of the best things ever. A doomed otp, Shakespeare references (the weird sisters show up. A lot), magic and science working together and apart, a cast full of Star Trek alums, and probably the most diverse set of characters I have ever seen in anything in my life.

Total lack of segue.

TVD! I am way behind on this and I'm not planning on catching up either until hulu is just about to delete the first episode I missed or the show goes on a break. Still, I am very unhappy. Kol dying, the resultant genocide (did they deal with that, by the way? Was there a global fallout? A blip on the news? Anything to imply there is a world outside this shithole of a town and that it matters?), Jeremy dying, Tyler just leaving! I'm not gonna pretend part of me isn't jumping for joy about Tyler going, I've never liked him, but for him to just leave seems cheap and dishonest. And don't even get me started on how much I do not want a spinoff.

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